Columbus Adventures

Olentangy Trail & Pelatonia

One of the first things I noticed in Columbus is that there are a lot of people who bike. They bike to work and class, or they bike for fun, or they bike because one of the largest fundraisers for the James Cancer Center in Columbus is a huge bike race called the Pelatonia. Because of all of this, there are many beautiful bike paths and parks throughout the city. Once of the largest it seems is the Olentangy Trail (correct me if I’m wrong, Columbusonians…Columbians? No. Columbusites?).

The piece of the trail I recently explored by foot, while bikes whizzed by me, was gorgeous. The trail crosses through many parks, so I would imagine that if you bike it, you get a beautiful scenic view in spite of the fact that you are still technically in the city. I look forward to exploring this more, and maybe even eventually driving my bike down from Wisconsin…


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