Columbus Adventures


Now that I’ve completed my two-week incubation period in Columbus, I feel ready to reconnect with my blogging world and give you a few life updates! I’m currently subletting a bedroom in this cute little house until June 13, when I can finally move in to the house that Jonathan and I will rent together when we are married! I’m very ready to get settled in, but in the meantime, I’ve really enjoyed living in an actual home in an actual neighborhood while getting settled in, rather than an extended stay or other hotel option.


So far, I’ve really loved my work at Ohio State. I’m still very much diving in, but it’s been so fun to learn about the many art buildings and programs both on campus and in the Columbus community. One of the coolest ones, I think, is the Urban Arts Space (part of the Urban Arts Initiative), located in downtown Columbus. It’s a space where Ohio State art students, faculty, and other area artists can collaborate and display work. For art students, there is nothing like being able to put your work on display.


Urban Arts Space is just one of many ways that the art programs at OSU have been interlaced with the art community in Ohio. I’ll be sure to share more about my experiences with you soon!


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