Big News!

I promised it a long time ago, but we are finally ready to share our REALLY BIG NEWS with all of you, our friends and family!

We are going to be Buckeyes for a couple of years!

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.58.48 PM

{The night we finally decided! I was traveling, so we set up a skype date. Jonathan went draft-style and unzipped a sweatshirt to reveal his OSU shirt!! Then we had a skype-dance party.}

This fall, my lovely soon-to-be husband Jonathan will be attending The Ohio State University for graduate school. In the two years he is there, he will earn two Masters degrees: one in City and Regional Planning and one in Civil Engineering. To do this, he is giving up his five-year career as an 8th grade US history teacher, which he has been incredible at! I have all the faith in the world that he will be incredible at this next step of his journey as well, living out his dreams!

Meanwhile, I have accepted a job at Ohio State as well, which I will be starting on May 20…just around the corner! There, I will work with the College of Arts and Sciences team as a major gift officer – a great next step from my current position in Leadership Annual Giving. I’ve gained incredible experiences in my five years working for Vanderbilt, and sad as it may be to leave, I’m thrilled for my next steps!

Need I remind you…we will be getting married at the end of June, so there will be a lot going on between now and then! But before you know it, we’ll be settled into our new home in a new state as newly weds. Right now, I’m trying to savor every day and moment of planning and celebrating with our many wonderful loved ones. Thanks to all of you for your incredible support in this time of much change! The Lord has truly blessed us, and we know that as long as we continue to put our faith in Him, He will be our solid rock in these busy times.

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