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Stock The Bar Party


Jonathan and I know how blessed we are with an incredible network of family and friends. As we prepare for our marriage, we are constantly being reminded that we have great people around us all the time! Our families have thrown us showers and helped with planning, and just last weekend, our friends threw us a great Stock the Bar Party. The idea is simple: bring a bar-related gift or a bottle of your favorite libation to stock the soon-to-be-married’s bar. Easy! It’s a great way to have a “shower” that includes guys and girls from both the bride and groom’s circles of friends.

Whoever hosted the first Stock the Bar Party should be awarded a Nobel prize.

Not only did we, of course, get all sorts of goodies to stock our soon-to-be-married bar, but our friends – many of whom had not met before – got to really get to know new people. I hope this means that our wedding day will be that much more fun with our intimate group of buddies.

Our lovely hosts:


Lots of yummy food and drinks!


And of course, good friends:


And a not so shabby end result…


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