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The Adoption Plan

I’ve written about adoption a time or two before, but every now and then, it comes back around into my life and I feel the need to share a little more. Today, I was inspired by a friend of a friend (of a friend)’s blog: They are just beginning the adoption journey, and it got me to thinking…

My friends are starting to have babies. I have friends who had no trouble getting pregnant, and others who struggled for years. I would venture a guess that I have other friends struggling right now who I may not even know about. I cannot imagine how hard it would get, after trying and waiting and trying, to hear about everyone else getting pregnant and doing all the things you only wish you could be doing.

I would also venture a guess that most people our age, in their mid to late twenties, have not really considered adoption all that much. Rather, it’s “that option” that’s way out there and scary and sounds like giving up. But I want to remind you all what a wonderful option it is, whether it’s your last chance at a child, or your first choice! I was adopted because, yes, my mom could not have children (which she knew from early on) and because my birthmom was only 16 and fully unprepared.

However, the best part of my adoption journey is that it has been an enormous foundation for my faith. My parents always made sure I knew what a sacrifice it was for my birthmother to give me up – that no matter a mother’s situation, it can be extremely difficult to look your child in the face, but then never see them again. In fact, may times a mother changes her mind about adoption once they meet their little one. It can be incredibly difficult for the family who was ready to take their new baby home. My mom has reminded me throughout my life how God had a plan for my life, and this was just the start of it. To be placed in the family I was placed in, in the town I was raised in, set me on a path for success. I thank God regularly for my many blessings, but especially this one.

If you are considering adoption, I urge you to seriously think about the message you want to tell your son or daughter as he or she grows up. Tell them they were SO loved that their mom knew she couldn’t give them the life they deserved. Tell them how God’s hand placed them here, with your family. Tell them that this only makes them more special, because there are even more parents in the world loving them. Always tell them they are adopted – don’t let it ever be a surprise. Be honest, be honest, be honest. And be endlessly loving.

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    Because adoption has been on my mind again lately, I am sharing this post I wrote two years ago. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend ahead!


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