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Chocolate Cupcake Comfort

I have basically broken the cardinal sin of blogging: be consistent. Sorry about that.

It is a busy and exciting time in my world. We’re not only planning our wedding, but making lots of great and exciting plans for the whole year ahead of us (more on that as things develop). And on top of wedding planning, traveling, and trying to eat a lot healthier, I just have not been doing the amount of baking I used to do. In fact, I’ve had very little time for fun cooking in general! And when we do cook, it’s your pretty standard go-to foods, like the chicken and veggies we all know and love 🙂

So over the weekend, I was home with the parents in Wisconsin. Upon arriving at dad’s house on Saturday night, he requested that we make some cupcakes together – some good old fashioned father-daughter time. So I pulled up a recipe and we got to work on some good ol’ basic chocolate cupcakes using his stand mixer that is likely older than I am. This quick iphone photo is all I have to show for it (please expose the far from perfect icing designs):


And I actually used Joy the Baker’s recipe for chocolate cupcakes (and no, not the cookie dough / toasted icing part), and they were PERFECT. I honestly think this will be my primary cupcake recipe from here out. They were light in flavor, and made for the perfect texture. Then Dad and I whipped up some basic chocolate buttercream to top it off.

There is something so comforting about doing the things you love with (or for) the people you love. I spent half of my weekend shopping with my mom, and half my weekend galavanting around town with my dad and stepmom. In spite of the fact that I came down with a pretty bad cold right before I got home, my time there was relaxing, refreshing, and all around a great weekend of comfort!

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