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Wedding Craftings

As many of you probably could have guessed, I am making a few homemade projects for our wedding (less than four months away!!). So I spent a good chunk of this last weekend trying to finish a few projects. Some turned out relatively well, while others…are sort of imperfect. But imperfect is okay, right? Meanwhile, our house is covered in burlap, my fingernails covered in paint, and our kitchen covered in wine bottles.

One thing I took a chance on and really like is this chalkboard contact paper:


I will say it doesn’t feel like chalkboard (as you probably could have guessed) but for all intents and purposes, seems to work just fine. Not to mention it’s a lot more tidy than trying to use chalkboard paint! I made a few small chalkboards out of pictures frames with this stuff. Since I really only need to write on them one time, I will likely use a white pen or white chalk pen rather than real chalk, so I have no idea how this paper would handle real chalk. It was easy to work with, and I expect to start labeling everything in our pantry with it very soon…

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