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Cutty’s {Boston}

Okay, I LOVE food tv…like, any show on Food Network or the Cooking Channel, I’m in. And so of course, I have the “TV Food Map” app, which you can use in any city to search for any nearby restaurant that has appeared on a food tv show. I finally got to use this great app while traveling in Boston last week…and I also remembered that there was “some sandwich shop” outside of Boston that I had seen on tv at some point. So using my handy little app, I put two and two together, and headed to Cutty’s in Brookline for a soup and sandwich lunch. And, I proceeded to document on my iphone…


And Oh. Em. Gee.


I don’t think pictures nor words could explain how delicious this sandwich was. First, I love bread, so that’s a crucial component of any sandwich for me. This particular sandwich – the ham and pimento – is served on a perfect, thin baguette, grilled to perfection. The ingredients are so fresh and simple: ham and homemade pimento spread. That’s it! It also is served with sweet pickles, but frankly I didn’t even put them on. This is the ULTIMATE ham and cheese, all grown up. And as if that wasn’t enough, I had to get tomato soup too. It was really good, but no tomato soup compare’s to my mom’s, so I really can’t rave about that.


Anyway, if you find yourself in and around Boston, I highly recommend you check out Cutty’s. I was a little nervous that some of the TV fame would have gone to their heads, and maybe it wouldn’t be as cool as it seemed, but it was VERY cool. The people were chatty and laid back, and I couldn’t have been happier.


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