Daily Notes, Life As I Know It

One Day At A Time

I’ve learned that making changes in my life always works best when I take it one day at a time. Cliche as it may be, it’s really true. Any more time than that can feel overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to being our “best selves.” Best self? So much pressure!

There are so many factors to one’s “best self”, beyond diet and exercise – there is taking care of your skin, your teeth, your mental health, your self-image, your emotions, your relationships. All of these are crucial to being a well-balanced person. But the idea of changing them all at once…now that’s overwhelming!

So here’s my challenge for myself today, and for you: what can you do for yourself today? What’s one small thing – because no one ever moved a mountain in a day. Be kind to yourself, and take the first step towards a big change.

Have you successfully made a big, slow change in your life? Please share how you stayed motivated!

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