The Messy {Ponytail} Cake

If you are a girl in your mid (to late) 20s like I am, you may remember the early stages of the messy ponytail. It wasn’t really messy, per say, since all you had to do pull your hair half way through your last twist, and leave it at that. The result was a nice, clean, pint-sized ponytail loop.

Sometime since then, the “messy pony” has become a complicated bun of knots and twists, and the bigger the better. I love this super “messy” look (which usually takes longer to accomplish than just wearing your hair down in the first place), and I get its nonchalant popularity.

So I’ve noticed the same trend in desserts lately – have you? Don’t get me wrong, I think we all love a clean-cut fondant finish, but cakes like this “milk bar” beauty have become so popular:

And it’s no wonder! It’s the “oh I just threw this together at the last-minute” look, even though I hardly doubt a cake like that was just thrown together. All this to say, I love this trend, and over the weekend I made a very simple version of the unfinished-messy-ponytail-cake. For the recipe, you can visit my Pumpkin Spice Cake post from way back when. Looks pretty tasty, no?

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