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Senior Pictures

I don’t know what your senior picture experience was like, but mine was at THE local photography studio. Like most of my classmates, I brought three outfits, was posed in three awkward settings, and ended up liking the pictures fine, but not being overly impressed.

So when my coworker, Audrey, asked if I might take some senior pictures for her daughter, I quickly agreed. The alternative for her daughter, Maria, was to take pictures with those silly black drapes we used to use in our sorority photos. Maria is way cooler than that, so of course she wanted some more natural photos!

So on a grey Sunday, I ventured out with Audrey and Maria, and got a few great shots for them to keep for always. And lucky you – I’m sharing a few with you today!


3 thoughts on “Senior Pictures”

  1. I also love the one with her Mom…since that’s me!! Maria and I think Meghan did a fabulous job. She is one talented photographer (and a really great person as well).


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