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I’m playing catch up on sharing some of my summer adventures with all of you. This summer, I had a mini-work trip to Dallas (just one night!) and my sweet boyfriend came along. He had never been to Dallas before, and he had a few adventures of his own while I had work meetings. And then…we toured the Cowboy Stadium AND went to a Rangers game.

Adventure Number One: The Kennedy Memorial

The spot where Kennedy was shot, marked by a white X in the road:

Lee Harvey Oswald fired his infamous shot from this building:

Adventure Number Two: The Cowboys Stadium

Now, it really has nothing on Lambeau, but it is pretty dang amazing.

Adventure Number Three: Texas Rangers Game

You just can’t go wrong with baseball.

1 thought on “Dallas”

  1. Hope you had a good time in Dallas – I’ve always said it’s a better city to live in than to visit (sort of an anti-New York). In the last few years, however, it has become more cosmopolitan and inviting, so maybe there is hope.

    Thanks for sharing.


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