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Photos on Canvas {DIY}

While this obviously does not compare to having your photos airbrushed onto a big ol’ canvas, this is such a great way to display your photos in a unique way. I followed this great little tutorial over here.

For my kitchen, I chose three food photos to put on 8×10 canvases. I had them printed at Walgreens, and picked up some canvas on sale from Michaels. After that, I just used paint, paper, and mod podge that I already had at home.

These two photos are Farmers Market pictures that I took a while back. I think they look just right sitting in my kitchen!

Also, please note my little shelf, which I bought for $2 at a rummage sale and painted with paint I already had (yes, it was black before). Not too shabby, huh?

It’s the perfect place to hang aprons and display my sweet boyfriend’s Grandma Ruth‘s biscuit cutters. Perfection.

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