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Rustic Wreath {Burlap and Pearls}

Thanks for visiting!! Did you know you can buy this wreath on Etsy? Check it out!

This was one of my favorite weekend projects to date. I was inspired by this wreath over on etsy, and decided I wanted to make one of my own! The first step was to make felt flowers.

You need:
-a wreath (any kind you like! This could be pretting with a fabric-wrapped styrofoam wreath too)
-a round object (a cd works perfectly)
-ribbon (for hanging)
-thread (needle and thread are optional – I used them to attach the burlap loops and also to add some pearls to the rest of the wreath)


Cut a circle of felt using the CD as a guide (doesn’t need to be perfect) and then cut in a spiral from the outside all the way to the center. Again, perfection is over rated. If the spiral has different widths at different points, it’ll only make your flower prettier.

Starting at the outside end of your spiral, start rolling your fabric until you get al the way to the middle. I couldn’t take a picture of this very well since it sort of takes two hands to keep it tight. But once you start doing it, I promise you will understand. When you get to the end (which is the middle of your spiral), simply glue your little nub to the bottom of the flower, and it’ll stay secure.

For the flowers that look like they have more petals, as you cut out your spiral, add in a scallop. Again, it does not have to be perfect, but it added a really nice effect, if I do say so myself. I used tacky glue to attach all my flowers to the wreath (we will see if this holds up).

For the little burlap loops, they are exactly what they look like – four strips of burlap and three pearls. Once I made the little loops, I secured the four loops together with a safety pin. I then slipped three pearls onto a thread and needle, and sewed them on (several times up and down) until they felt secure. I attached these by sewing a long piece of thread through where the pearls are, and pulling both ends of the thread to the back, and tying in them into a serious knot. Picture the Christmas bows with the twist ties on the back that you use to make Christmas wreaths.

For a final detail, I used a needle and brown thread to attach a few pearls to the rest of the wreath in a few random places. I just tied the end of the string to the wreath, put one pearl on it, sewed the thread around a little twig, then pulled it to the next spot, so I never had to start a new strand. Sorry for no pictures, but you can really do all of this any way you want to!

And with some of my burlap and some lace I had lying around, I decided to dress up a few candles…cute? Or lame? You decide.

14 thoughts on “Rustic Wreath {Burlap and Pearls}”

    1. Yes I could do that! I’ve been thinking about setting up an etsy site for that very purpose. Let me know if you’re seriously interested!


  1. Reblogged this on Megoirs and commented:

    Today’s re-blog is my most popular crafty post: The Rustic Wreath. I sell them on Etsy, but this post has swept pinterest enough to give me over 6,600 views since I posted it two years ago. Have you made a wreath you’re proud of? Share it in the comments!


  2. The candle is cute not lame. I am in the process of making the flowers now and you are so right…mistakes make pretty ones. Thank you!!


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