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Morning Faces

This week, I discovered this post of people sharing their “i just woke up” faces with the entire interwebs. I actually first heard about it on the radio. It’s fun to flip through and read complete strangers’ stories. It can be so easy to be wrapped in our own little world, and forget that millions of others are waking up this morning too. They look rough, just like me. They have a hard time getting out of bed, just like me.

Also, why is it that we are so dependent on make up? Men don’t wear make up. When they have a zit, we see it. If they have bags under their eyes, we see it. Why do women get to have all the pressure fun of covering it all up every morning.

Anyway, here are a few photos and stories I liked…

8:07 am, Chicago

Had a rough week so my husband and I drank some cheap booze alongside our DIY Chinese food, watched a hundred episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. (why do I Iove Guy Fieri So damn much even with those tacky pinky rings? I don’t know but I do) Then off to bed. Rockin’ Friday night, no?

It takes roughly 25 min for me to get ready each morning. It is a brave redhead indeed who forgoes makeup in the morning — I can get my entire face done in a 10 minute cab ride. What you don’t see in this photo is my neon pink pedicure, obtained recently as an attempt to make me smile whenever I see my happy toes- it works. Cheapest therapy ever.


6:40, NYC

Night before: out w an long-time flirt buddy I haven’t seen in years. Shared the world’s most scrumptious Mac ‘n Cheese, and salad, and a bottle plus 2 glasses of Pinot Noir. Such a great, long, and inwardly rewarding eve. Length of time to get ready in the morn: typically one hour, almost on the dot. But today I’m just staying in bed!


1pm, Fairbanks, Alaska

What I did last night: worked until 2am, then came home to snuggle cats and read.

How long it takes to get ready: 1 hour with a shower, 15 minutes without. (frozen hair is bad, ok?)


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