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127 Miles From Something {GBD Part Five}

While driving outside of Boston this week, I passed a mile marker that said “Mile 127.” My initial thought was… from what? I mean, not literally – I know how mile markers work, people. But I looked around me as I drove down the interstate, sun shining, surrounded by big, lush trees. This got me thinking…

Aren’t we always 127 miles from something?

Whether it’s something in our past or something in our future, we seem to always be stuck thinking about something very far away from where we are in the moment. Why is it so difficult to stay in the moment, and trust that God has us exactly where we are supposed to be? My weekend goal is to just be, one moment at a time.

On a lighter note, these thoughts led me to think about all the millions of people in every tiny corner of our country, hustling and bustling about their days. And THAT made me think about all the random little stuff that I didn’t know about some of these cities I’ve been travling to when I started in my job. A bunch of random things came to mind, so on this Friday, I present you with:

Just a few things I’ve learned from traveling to new cities.

  • Boston Logan Airport is basically on its own island, which I think is pretty sweet.
  • The show GCB (which failed) was based on Highland Park in Dallas, and it was mostly accurate.
  • In New Jersey, “jug handles” make left turns off of any major highway one of the most confusing things you’ve ever done.
  • Most sky scrapers have their elevators divided by floor. Going to 39? Don’t get on the “2-20” elevators, or you will be SOL.
  • People in every part of this country will help you if you give them a big smile…and if they don’t, well, just smile bigger.
  • Dallas has some seriously good shopping.
  • Boston can be unseasonably cold in June; and Chicago can be unseasonably warm in March.
  • A “lobster roll” in New England is not sushi.
  • Everyone in Chicago works in or just outside The Loop. Know The Loop. Embrace The Loop.
  • Tolls suck.
  • Somewhere outside of Dallas there is a steak house / cigar bar with a Cognac and Cigar Lounge that is legit. We need a cigar bar in Nashville.

This could go on a while but really, my point is just that there is so much going on RIGHT NOW outside of the little bubble we each live in. Go see it!

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