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Birthday Cake Decorating

I am NOT  a cake decorator. In fact, as you can tell by this quick instagram picture, I sort of suck at it a little. But this week is my 11- (soon to be 12-) year-old little sister’s birthday, so this weekend, we made a cake together.

It was a lot of fun to make a cake from scratch with her. She chose red velvet, so I found this recipe, and then we made a basic cream cheese icing to go with it (yummmm). I taught her how to grease and flour a pan, use the hand mixer, pour into three pans. And then how to layer them with icing, do a crumb coat, and then a final coat. So with everything that went into it, I wasn’t too concerned with my poor decorating skills. Not to mention that she was thrilled with the pink and purple that I had on hand…because those are Hello Kitty colors (who knew that was still a thing??).

And, at the end of the day, I didn’t eat any cake (okay, maybe I licked one spoon) and I had one happy little birthday girl. Do you have some cake decorating skills you’d like to share with me?!


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