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Family Love

I don’t have a huge family, but we are a bit spread out. On my mom’s side, I’m one of only five grand children – I live in Nashville, another is in Seattle, another in Chicago, and the rest in Wisconsin where I grew up. So it’s rare that we all come back at the same time.

But Memorial day weekend was so special. Not only did some of my cousins go back to WI as well, but my oldest cousin, who lives in Seattle, brought her sweet new baby boy home for the first time! Boy is he trouble. I fell completely in love with him – I mean, look at that FACE!

Is he trouble or what??

Anyway, it was so great to get together with my older cousins (closest thing to siblings that I’ve got!) and mess around on Memorial Day. The family did a little day time camping, and a bunch of us wandered down to Lake Michigan with the dogs. Here are three of my four cousins along with their significant others:

Who doesn’t love watching dogs frolic in the water?

The walk to the lakefront was beautiful and green…

And as the sun went back down, we huddled around a fire…a great Wisconsin day!

And one more of this guy…

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