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First Time Flyers {GBD Part four}

I realized I hadn’t written an installment of The Good, The Bad, The Delayed in a while, and after a quick New Jersey trip, I thought it might be time to chat it out again.

This is a short, sweet, and fun little story, placing it in “THE GOOD” category of GBD. On Monday morning, I took a flight to Baltimore along with about 40 8th grade students. I’m guessing they were on an end of year trip, but their chaperones told the gate agent that they would go straight to the back of the plane, and they would be as quiet as they could get them.

Well, rumor quickly spread among passengers that for many of these 8th graders, this was their first flight EVER! How exciting!! It was fun to see them chit chatting and adrenaline-filled just before take off.

But the best part? As we raced down the runway, their giggles got progressively louder – and I looked back to see that just about all 40 of them had their hands in the air like they were on a roller coaster. Man oh man! a) I wish I could remember my first flight, and b) I hope I had that much fun with it!!

It really made me laugh to see something that is becoming so routine for me – something that I can practically sleep right through sometimes – bring so much joy and excitement to some eager kids.

This week, I’m going to try to see old things in a new way. You should too! Happy Thursday!!

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