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Giant Cake Bite Experiment

So these aren’t really cake bites…they are more like five-to-six-bite-cakes. I did a little recipe experimenting this weekend, and wanted to see how these babies would work out. And they were DELICIOUS, totally from scratch. However I made them far too large…like HUGE. So lesson learned there.

But in spite of their enormousness, I did shoot a few little pictures for you. Can you taste them from where you’re sitting? I sure can!

I even practiced my music notes, since I’ll be making oh, like, a few hundred of these puppies for the upcoming Songs for Sound event. If you have never made cake balls/bites/pops, I highly encourage you to try! Here are some basic instructions for you.


1 thought on “Giant Cake Bite Experiment”

  1. These were so delicious. People won’t know what hit them at Songs for Sound! Thanks for being so wonderful 🙂


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