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A New Lens! {And Cake}

I did not make this cake:

My roomie Katy made it, and you can get her recipe here. But it so happened that we cut into it the VERY SAME DAY that I got my wonderful new camera lens, so this became my first subject. It’s a 50mm f/1.8 and it is beautiful and wonderful. Can you see the depth of field in these pictures or what?

I mean…I just cannot wait to use it more!!

And here is the cake that I made for Easter, before I had my new lens to take pictures of it…

8 thoughts on “A New Lens! {And Cake}”

  1. I JUST took a camera class, and the next camera addition I make will TOTALLY be a f1.8 lens so that I can take pictures of foooood!! That said, that’s a gorgeous cake!


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