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Closed for Spring Break!

Something they don’t tell you is that when you grow up, you don’t get spring break any more. Or summer break. Or Christmas break. Or really any break, for that matter. No, you get seven holidays a year, and two personal days for those less important “holidays” that you feel you need off for. Yes, it’s a cruel world out there folks.

But not for my honey Jonathan. Oh no, sir! He’s a teach, and while he works his butt off all year (especially in the summer time), he does indeed get a spring break. So for months and months – maybe even for the last year – we have talked about taking a trip to the great northwest. So I saved up my vacay and here I am, heading out on my first real spring break since the epic Miami road trip / cruise of my senior year of college.

Today, we are flying to Portland, Oregon. On Monday, we will take the train to Seattle. On Wednesday, we will take the train even further north to Vancouver. While we will only spend a day or two in each city, we plan to soak in the culture around us and do what we do best: explore!

While I don’t expect this trip to produce the absurd amount of embarassing pictures and video that my senior year spring break yielded, I do expect it to be our best adventure yet. Cheers, and happy spring break! See you when I’m back 🙂

{Our adventures usually start out looking like this}

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