Daily Notes, Mmm...Food...

Cookie Dough Dip {The Healthy Kind}

Well, I’ve attempted Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookie dough dip recipe. And what’s it made of? Oh that’s right…chickpeas. Now don’t get me wrong…I didn’t make it exactly “low-cal,” but I do like to think it’s a lot lower cal than eating real cookie dough. I followed Katie’s recipe – I used natural peanut butter, real brown sugar (yes, the full amount), and even a smidgen more than 1/3 cup of chocolate chips. And it was delicious. And it was worth it. I have to say, I’m impressed by the texture and the flavor. If I brought this to a party, and you ate it, you wouldn’t even think about it. I promise.

So really, scoot on over there and try it! This concoction was very sweet, and I think next time I could even go with a lot less sugar. But it was SO GOOD! Seriously…try it.

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