Life As I Know It, Traveling Chick

Orange is not a neutral.

I am not, by any means, fashion savvy…but I like to think I have just the littlest bit of taste when it comes to colors. And today I am here to tell you that there is, indeed, a difference between a “neutral” and an “accent.” In fact:

Neutral colors and accent colors are opposite.

Let me explain. I recently witnessed the following outfit on a fellow traveler:

Picture a floral patterned skirt with striped tights and boots (already caught my eye with the double patterns, but whatever, she was owning it). Then I saw her stand up and put up her BRIGHT ORANGE SHAG CARPET COAT. Not kidding. It was the color of our old countertops from the 70s, and the furry fuzzy shaggy texture looked wretched. But then what should appear? A dark purple snake-skin-esque tote bag.

All I could think was… ORANGE. So much orange. And it seemed to me that this woman considered her orange coat a neutral – like she could wear it with anything, and by golly, she sure was wearing it with EVERYthing, as far as I could tell.

A NEUTRAL is my camel colored purse that I carried around for my entire 8th grade year. This is to be worn with bright colored t-shirts and swim suits and dresses and can literally be worn with anything…hence the word “neutral.”

AN ACCENT is my neon green computer bag that I take on all my trips, and starts a bazillion conversations. This is to be worn with my boring professional wardrobe to add a little pop…hence the word “accent.”

A bright orange coat cannot be worn with everything so don’t wear it with a million other colors and patterns! Ugh!

And that is my rant for today on a topic I only know a teeny tiny bit about. The end.

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