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Seattle & Vancouver {12 in 2012}

Something exciting is on the horizon!

Since Jonathan and I met, he has told me time and again about a wonderful trip he took to Seattle, then how he took the train to Vancouver, and how beautiful and fun the whole experience was. Well, we’ve been saving up our Southwest miles, and guess what? We recently booked our FREE flights to Seattle for an entire week in March (over his spring break). I have been to Seattle once, but it was a long time ago for my cousin’s wedding, so much of our time was filled with family events. We did visit the space needle and the pike place market, but my memories are hazy. I’m looking forward to re-experiencing it all as a grown up, as well as taking my FIRST trip to Canada.

During the trip, we will stay in a hostel like we did for Boston, see the sights, and meet the people. I can’t wait for another fun adventure with my boy. This is also half of one of my 12 in 2012 items – the other half is a trip with mama, which is ALSO happening in March! March is simply going to be a blast.

Images: Seattle and Vancouver

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