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Personal Pizzas {Girls’ Night}

So, this isn’t rocket science. And really, it’s not even a recipe. But I just have to suggest that if you need an easy, inexpensive meal for 2-10 people, you should go with personal pizzas. For our recent girls’ night (for 7) we did just this. I bought three packages of whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, and divided each into thirds. Each of us flattened and garnished our own veggie pizzas…and what did I do with the extra 2/3 dough? Oh, I flattened it, topped it with a little oil and cheese, baked it, and we all pulled at it as we sat around the table, drinking wine and giggling post dinner. Delish.

It is just so easy, and required little prep on my part. So as everyone got there, we stood around the kitchen, drinking wine and eating an appetizer while we each decorated our own little pizza. Then while they baked, we sat in the living room and talked and drank wine. Are you sensing a theme? *hint: the theme is wine.*

So the next time you are planning a little dinner, make pizzas! Your friends can bring a salad, appetizer, dessert…and wine.

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