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A little love story {one year}

It is hard to believe that one year ago today was Jonathan’s and my first date. One year! On this night, I met him at a restaurant. When I first walked in, I pretended not to see him yet in hopes he’d come up to me first…but he was looking the other way, so I snuck up to him. Later, he confessed, he actually saw me walking in then looked away for a moment, nerves getting the better of him I suppose! We sat for nearly three hours talking before we overstayed our welcome and went to a second restaurant for a drink.

Jonathan asked me on this date. But somewhere in the midst of our several-hours-of-talking, I asked him on our second. It would be the next day and we would meet to watch the Packers play in a play off game, but we would really spend most the time talking. This was probably the first and last time he spent most of a football game talking instead of watching the action. But it was perfect. That night, I knew I was going to love him.

Our third date was two days after that, when he took me to paint a canvas so I could cross it off my list. The next day, I got the flu…but he brought me soup later in the week. Then he met my friends, and I met his. And I met his family, and he met mine. And we traveled, and we adventured, and we had a wonderful year of ups and downs learning about each other and ourselves. Not to mention that I’ve watched a lot more football and he’s helped with a lot more baking than ever. We make a great team and I couldn’t be prouder to call him my man.

So here we are, one year down! Cheers to you, babe, and all the things year #2 might bring us.

For those of you who care…here are just a few photos from our year!

If a man is willing to wear a cheesehead after knowing you only a month…he’s a keeper. {also this is our first photo together}

We have had so many travel adventures, I don’t even know where to begin!

He’s a total goof and constantly makes me laugh.

And I am grateful for every experience we’ve had – good and bad, small and large, and everything in between.

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