Santa Hat Cake Balls

Oh yes. They are delicious. They are festive.

And they were a little difficult.

In spite of a few sloppy santa hats though, this was a fun little project. Do you remember those good ol’ cake balls? Well, that’s all this is! Here’s the process in a nut shell:

1. Bake a cake (I recommend any chocolate box cake).

2. Let the cake cool completely, then crumble and mix with almost an entire container of icing (again…I vote for chocolate).

3. Chill the mixture for a little while, then form into little cone shapes. Chill the cones.

4. Heat white candy melts in the microwave until melted and dip the bottoms. Chill until hard. Then, repeat the process with red melts, dipping the tops of the hats in. Let them chill again.

5. Re-melt your white candy coating and apply a generous little coat around the bottom, making any repairs you need to make after dipping in red (I had all sorts of smudges and accidental drizzles). Throughout the process, I added some red/white sanding sugar for a little extra sparkle.

6. Finally, add your cotton ball top. You can really use any white candy, like chocolate coated espresso beans. I had some white fondant in my cabinet, so I made little balls and used the candy coating as glue.

And then, you’re done! Wrap them up in little bags for your coworkers…

Or just break ’em open!

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