Life As I Know It

{Re}Defining Yourself

I know I promised you a finished project today, but sorry…it’s not quite done!

Instead I want to tell you about a breakfast I went to recently with Jon Acuff and a fun bunch of people from the Nashville Area. If you don’t know about the book Quitter by Jon Acuff, you must check it out. The long story short of it is: how do you work your passion into your life? If there is something you love to do, but meanwhile you are trekking through a day job or other committments, how do you begin the journey of making your passion a more prominent part of your life? How do you close that gap between your day job and your dream job?

We met for breakfast early one rainy Friday morning, and while there were many great take aways, one thought has popped into my head over and over since that morning. As we went around and discussed our dreams and journeys, Jon made this statement (more or less): How do you define yourself? For example, I might say “I’m a fundraiser,” because that’s the job I do. And while I really love my job, I don’t consider it a passion the same way I consider baking and sewing and photography and general creativity as my passions – the activities that truly bring me the most joy.

So do I really define myself as a fundraiser? Dare I say I’m a baker, when really I only get to bake on occassion these days? Or a seamstress, even though I’ve only made one dress to date? Or a photographer, even though I’ve only had a handful of sessions?

What is the answer when people ask, “So, Megster, what do you do?”

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