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Dating advice from 8th graders

I just have to tell this story.

Back in January, The Boyfriend and I went on our very first date. Needless to say, it went well. So well in fact that he was even brave enough to share with me, during the date, a list of “should” and “shouldn’t” first date advice from his 8th grade class (he is a teacher). Somehow they had found out, the way 8th graders tend to do, that he was going on a first date that night and they decided to offer up their expertise to my sweet man.

The two of us laughed over it that night, as we made plans for our second date (the next night), and quite frankly as time went on, I forgot about the penciled notes on that sheet of loose leaf paper.

Well, a few weeks ago The Boyfriend opened his wallet and pulled out a tattered, folded up sheet of paper that he has been holding on to all this time. Though some of the pencil markings were smudged, we could still read most of the advice, which I must say is quite astute. I “borrowed” the advice, and quickly covered it in clear tape as to protect it from future smudging. What follows is a photo, and a rough translation of what I could still read of the 8th graders’ advice.


Good luck (you won’t need it)

Make her laugh
Tell her she looks nice
Ask her if she likes blue or black better
Request a table so that you can be by her [can’t quite read this one]
Give a big tip so she’ll think your rich
Clean your car before you go and put in a yummy smelling thing
Shower, you smell
Wear the black sweater
Kiss her if it goes well or if it doesn’t, kiss her anyway!

Eat like a pig
Be your chessy-self [yes, chessy, not cheesy]
Punch her, even if she’s fat
No texting! (she will think your phones more important than her)
No double-dipping!
No burping!
Don’t check out other girls
Order for her
Interrupt her
Bring coupons, she’ll know you’re broke
Order water even if you like water
Talk future events

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