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Travel Adventures Project {Part one}

For months now, I have been eyeing this cork adventure map. This weekend, I finally got a start on it! Every good project begins with a picture frame out of the 80’s. Thanks for this, dad.

Purchases for this project included white and blue paint, a few paint brushes, and a roll of cork. First, I took the glass out of this marvelous picture frame and did a quick sanding of the frame. I painted each, and let them dry in the cool fall air.

Once they were dry, I put the glass back in the frame with the unpainted side showing out. This way, I have a nice smooth glass surface with the paint behind it. I’m really happy with the final look of this portion!

Next step is to print the template, which you can find here. Cut and tape the pieces together to form this lovely little map.

As we speak, my cork board is sitting under a few heavy books for flattening out. Once I’ve got a nice piece of flat cork, all I need to do is hot glue that sucker onto my pretty blue and white frame, and print out a few labels. Come back next Monday for the finished project!

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