Life As I Know It, Traveling Chick

Russellville, KY

Is it ironic that my boyfriend’s mama is from Russellville, Kentucky, and then went on to marry a man whose last name is Russell? Maybe instead of ironic, it is simply…sweet! And last weekend The Boyfriend (whose name is Jonathan by the way, but it’s way more fun to call him The Boyfriend) and I ventured up to Russellville for the annual Tobacco Festival. This included a parade and some tobacco contests (it’s a big area to grow tobacco, I have learned). We also visited the cemetery where Jonathan’s grandfather, great-grandparents, and several other relatives are buried. It was a beautiful day, and meant a lot to see where his family came from.

Jonathan’s grandmother was a Coursey before she got married, which I have learned is a very big name in the Russellville area. Here, you can see his grandfather’s grave, in front of his great-grandparents grave.

His grandpa Vick was in the Army, and has a commemorative foot stone.

We also visited the home that his great-great-grandfather built with his own two hands. It was, at one time, absolutely beautiful.

Our adventures in Kentucky also included a sweet bed and breakfast…

A parade, complete with firetrucks…

And of course, the winning tobacco.

All in all, a great little adventure.


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