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Gleek alert…GLEE PROJECT

The Boyfriend and I got a little (shamelessly) hooked on The Glee Project this summer. It’s your typical reality tv, with a goal of finding new talent for Glee. And let me tell you, when I say hooked, we were INVESTED. I need you to see this clip. It is the final FINAL moments of the show. Let me preface this by saying I ADORE Damien – a sweet little Irish kid who I think will be so very lovable on the show. And I’m not the biggest fan of Samuel. That said, please enjoy:

1 thought on “Gleek alert…GLEE PROJECT”

  1. Ahh, I’m such a huge fan of the Glee Project too! Probably moreso than Glee now, hah. After watching the finaly performances, my impressions were: Samuel–ugh, more of the same, unimpressive. Damien–best performance he’s ever given, easily. Lindsay–also probably the best performance she’s given. Alex–strong, but didn’t take it there for me. I was SO pissed that Samuel won, and then SO glad that Damien did! Looking forward to watching Glee just so see that kid (whic I suppose is the point!).


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