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San Antonio Adventure

As I mentioned on Friday, the boyfriend and I headed to San Antonio for a sorority sister wedding. We made a quick little vacation out of it, and had a blast! I’m not sure we would’ve ever gone to San Antonio otherwise, so we really enjoyed the trip!

Upon arrival, we went to the Riverwalk, which was pretty, but underwhelming.

We ate lunch, and walked around.

Then we made our way to the Alamo, which is just down the street.

Reading about the people who died there, in what Jonathan calls a “redundant war,” makes me sad.

It was odd to see the ruins of the Alamo, surrounded by the modern structures of society.

Then, we still had time to kill, so we got a beer and watched the end of the Vandy game. Hey, we were happy with it.

That night we went to the rehearsal dinner, and afterward went for a drive on some backroads, and WOAH there were a MILLION deer. I am from Wisconsin, and I know what a lot of deer look like…and this was MORE than a lot. It was crazy! I tried to get a picture in this pitch black field but it didn’t work very well. Still, you can see there were a bunch here!

Then on Saturday, we really adventured. Jonathan is a great travel researcher and planner (should maybe be a travel agent) and he found some great places. For lunch, we headed outside the city to a vineyard.

I didn’t know you could grow grapes in the desert, but they do! They make one red one, and it was QUITE tasty.

From there, we continued on to the Serengeti Resort. Finding it was it’s own adventure. The long driveway in felt a little bit like we were entering Jurassic Park…the fencing and wiring made me expect to see a T-Rex pop out at any moment. But it didn’t! And we found a lovely little resort at the end of the drive. On their property, they have all sorts of animals – zebras, antelope, a camel, ostriches, lemurs – basically a lot of African animals that they’ve paid a TON for. For $40, you could take a “self-guided tour” on a golf cart and go out and feed them ($5 for a bag of feed). We decided this seemed a little bit like we would be paying them to do their job, so we skipped out.

Instead, we sat at a distance on their porch and partook in some wine tasting! It was pretty much the perfect thing for a hot afternoon.

Oh, and we found some lemurs. They were sassy.

Finally, we headed back and got ready for the wedding. The wedding was great! It was a blast to catch up with old friends and dance with an 80s cover band.


We flew back out on Sunday morning. All in all, a very successful trip!

3 thoughts on “San Antonio Adventure”

  1. Several things:
    1. That is a sassy lemur. Sassiest I’ve ever seen.
    2. This is coming from the Texan, but um, I may have a bone to pick with Jonathan about the validity of his word choice. “redundant war……” hmmmmm
    3. I am sad that you were underwhelmed by the river walk! I have such great memories of that place!
    4. I find it highly amusing that you called it “the desert.” 🙂 *chortle*


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