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The Greatest Weekend I Never Expected

About two months ago, my lovely boyfriend decided to start planning a great camping weekend. He kept details from me in hopes that it would be a little bit of a surprise and kept telling me it’s not “that exciting,” but in the last few weeks shared with me that we’d be picnicking, kayaking, etc. We would go out to dinner Saturday night, and spend time hanging out, boating, what have you. I was packed appropriately, and he had taken care of all groceries, gear, and reservations. We were both super excited to get away for a weekend and just hang out, because we have so much fun together!

After two months of planning and a long week at work, I was thrilled to finally get in his car last Friday afternoon to head camping. We started driving and he said, “So…I have some news.”

“Uh oh,” I thought. It didn’t sound good…”are we not camping?”

“We aren’t going camping.” He said. I was a tad distraught…then he said, “We were never going camping. (long suspenseful pause.) We’re going to Chicago.”

Like WHAT?! Who does that? Only the most amazing guy ever, that’s who. So we proceeded to pick his dad up, who took us to the airport. He had brought extra suitcases, knowing I might need to repack (like, who needs a swimsuit for kayaking in Chicago). He had us checked in, boarding passes printed, and he was on a mission.

We arrived in Chicago by about 7:30, and immediately hopped on the L (oh yes, because he had bought our two day passes already, and had them in hand). After dropping our luggage at the gorgeous Knickerbocker, we made our way out for some delicious Chicago-style pizza at Gino’s East.

Then, up the Hancock tower for a late night view of the city, also with passes he already had in hand. We stayed there a little while (until they kicked us out, actually) enjoying the 360 degree view of the city. Pretty sure I could see home waaaaay in the distance (seriously!).

On Saturday, we woke up early to go to breakfast. We picked The Original Pancake House around the corner, based on reviews, and it was fantastic! A great way to start the morning — full and happy. (you have to snag some pics of this guy when you can!)

We made our way to the L to head to Wrigley, several hours before the 12:10 game.

Our plan: to sit on a patio, enjoy some brews and conversation, wander Wrigleyville a little, then head into the game…which we did all of. It was quite enjoyable.

A diehard Cubs fan, he was pretty excited to share the experience with me. And I loved it!

From there, we headed back downtown for a shower and a nap. We had 5:30 dinner reservations (which I thought was a bit early) and he assured me that although we didn’t need to be anywhere by a certain time, we should probably try to leave the restaurant by about 6:45. We were just going to go “hang out.” I asked him, “do you have somewhere in mind?” He said he had “a few ideas.” So after dinner at Tavern on the Rush, we hopped on the L until he said, “let’s get off here.”

So we were walking and he said, “well actually…we’re going to a show.” And not just ANY show. He had STAGE SEATS for Spring Awakening!! Can you hear me squealing from your computer?!

We snapped a highly illegal photo, literally from his pocket, in hopes of capturing it but it didn’t turn out very well. But we were THERE! Apparently, this is what he planned the whole trip around…tickets that sell out in 2 seconds. I’m a really freaking lucky girl.

Ended the night with a champagne toast at D.O.C. wine bar. Trendy, cozy, happy.

Sunday, the plan was a delicious brunch at a French bistro, followed by another Cubs game. “We don’t have to wear cubs gear today, since we’ll head to the airport after that,” he told me. Though I should’ve known to expect surprises by now, I was in total cubs game mode after brunch.

Back on the L, one stop before Wrigley, he said, “Let’s get off here” (this was becoming a pattern). And, come to find out, no cubs game today. Rather, FRONT ROW SEATS to the Blue Man Group? Seriously? Amazing, right?? It was SO much fun.

We reluctantly made our way back to the hotel after this, knowing we needed to get our bags and go the airport. But first we hopped up to the Hancock tower again and had a last glass of champagne. Cheers to an amazing, surprising, whirlwind weekend.

I pretty much feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. I didn’t know that anyone could ever make me feel so unbelievably special – grateful is an understatement. I wish it for each and every one of you. Cheers to all the many wonderful adventures ahead.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Weekend I Never Expected”

  1. Umm….sister, you win 🙂 Love you and I can’t wait to meet the lucky guy this weekend!! – Nat


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