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Cooking Demonstration at The American Club

While home in Wisconsin last weekend, I went to a lovely little cooking demo at The American Club with my mom and two of her friends. The theme was: “Party Food for Entertaining the Masses.”

As you may recall, last week was my mom’s birthday! This weekend was an all-around birthday celebration.

Mom’s the one on the right down below. How cute is she??

We were given tips throughout the demo, and walked away with full tummies and a list of delicious appetizer recipes. While I don’t expect to cure salmon anytime soon, I do look forward to testing some of these recipes!

Here, they showed us how to season and cure salmon (which, by the way, requires you to leave the salmon in the fridge for three days…who knew?) and slice it super thin. Bagels and lox anyone? mmm….capers….

A little less time-intensive, this appetizer looked very feasible. Essentially, it’s buttery phyllo dough filled with a spinach, mushroom, and cheese mixture. Yeah…it was awesome.

Our amazing cooks made this next lovely bite with home-cooked tenderloin. I’m a little lazy when it comes to cooking meat, so they suggested that deli meat (like roast beef) shaved very thinly would work as well. They mixed cream cheese with just a bit of sambol (an Asian chili paste), spread it on the meat, and wrapped it around a few julienned vegetables. Quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

Anyone up for a party?

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