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Kid Hats

I recently sewed up a few children’s hats for some of the kiddos at my friend Juila’s school. They are nothing fancy at ALL and I can only hope that they actually fit and look sort of cute when she gives them to the school. Here’s the rundown of what I did, for any of you who want to experiment with hat making.

I cut two pieces of fleece per hat. One was a 4-5 inch wide strip that is long enough to go around your head, with an additional two inches. When you fold this strip in half the long way (hot dog way), it will be the base of the hat. The second piece is a rectangle — the short side measures half the circumference of your head, plus an extra inch.  The long side is a little trickier — it’s the part I guesstimated on the most. It just needs to be long enough to be folded in half (hamburger way) and fit over your head. Could that be more vague?

Anyway, that’s the gist of what I did to make these super simple hats. I’ll work on making a template for these and my baby hats some day, I promise!!

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