Life As I Know It

March 7 is the {second} best!!

March 7 is both my amazing mama’s birthday AND my half birthday. This day is second only to September 7, which is my birthday and my amazing mama’s half birthday. Everyone is supposed to love their own birthdays better than anyone else’s, right? Also, this year, September 7 will also be the end of my first 101 in 1001 list. Monumental indeed. Have I confused you yet?

All these confusing words are to simply say: Today is super special!! It is the day of my mother’s birth, back in 19xx. The last time Mom and I spent her birthday together was my freshman year in college, when my spring break fell over March 7, and I spent that week at home. And though I’m not spending today with her, I WILL be flying home to Wisconsin on Thursday for a 3-day weekend with ma mere. This trip will involve a cooking class, a long half marathon training run, shopping, and hopefully a lot of chill time.

First though, this grown up girl of hers flies to Providence for a three day professional conference. So, Nashville to Providence, and then finally Providence to Milwaukee. Phewie! What a great week this will be.

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