Life As I Know It

Au Revoir, 2010. It’s been real.

I have a very distinct memory of being in my friend’s grandparents’ basement at 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2000. We were drinking sparkling grape juice and dancing to Aqua, feeling like the coolest kids in town. It was epic.

But 2010? 2010 was beyond epic. 2010 was…monumental. And here I am, almost eleven years from grape juice and aqua, ready to start what I am sure will be an amazing 2011. This year, I will attend my first professional conference. I will finish my M.Ed. I will likely do some shows, maybe earn a promotion, maybe take a trip to the beach. I will drive to Wisconsin for a nice long 4th of July vacation. My 101 list will come to an end. It’s going to be a great year.

But I digress. 2010. Let me try to summarize its monumental monumentousness. The month of May alone brought a flood, moving to a new house, and an adventure to Guatemala (including a volcano, tropical storm, and road trip to El Salvador). The rest of the year brought with it two musicals, more graduate classes, an Urban Dare, a 10K, and endless hours of friends. I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters, and am about to attend an amazing New Years Eve event, benefiting the Room in the Inn, the planning of which I was lucky enough to have a small part in.  I am also fairly certain that I have met more new and fascinating people in 2010 than in 2008 and 2009 combined. And let’s not forget all the crafting and baking and photographing and general loveliness that I was so fortunate to have in my life this year. All of these adventures made for a non-stop adventure all year long.

My heart is completely full of 2010. I honestly feel like this was the year I will look back on and say, “That year…that year, I grew up. That year, I made sense, if only to myself.”

Cheers to what’s to come!



{photo by Lu}

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