101 in 1001

Two years already?

I can hardly believe I am saying this, but I realized yesterday that I am now two years into my 101 in 1001 list— for my fellow lovers of math, that’s 730 days out of 1001 days, or 72.3%. The deadline is my 26th birthday — September 7, 2011.

the facts are these

62 items are crossed off

11 items are in progress

28 items have yet to be started

Again, for the mathletes among us, that means that I have about 61% of items totally completed. IF you add the finished items and the “in progress” items, I’m 72% of the way — right on track.

I hope to finish off a few of the simpler ones in the next month or two, like figuring out my favorite wine and completing a puzzle. Maybe I can even finally stop biting my fingers. Dad and I have talked about going shooting this Christmas, as well.

time sensitive items

I’ve noticed a few things as I’ve looked through my list today. Two of my items are “sledding” and “ice skating.” Those need to happen sooner rather than later…

There are also a few items that I’m noticing now will likely not happen. These are:

  • Traveling to Europe (it WILL happen, just probably not before I turn 26)
  • Being a bridesmaid for a friend (probably shouldn’t have picked something I couldn’t control)
  • Shamefully, getting off my parents phone and car insurance plans. I thought I would be finished with grad school by 26, but it’s not quite going to shape up that way.
  • Purchasing real estate. this is looking more like a 2012 venture, at best.

Other than that, everything is doable…I just need to make a plan and get it done!

So…who wants to do some of the remaining tasks with me?

1 thought on “Two years already?”

  1. If you need a puzzle friend, I love them! I even own quite a collection if you need to borrow one. And I also have to paint a canvas for my list if you want to have a joint painting day sometime. 🙂 -Lu


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