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#55: Go Apple Picking & Bake

So here’s the deal.

I came to the realization one day that there is about a 1% chance I will get to go apple picking between now and next September, when my 101 in 1001 list comes to an end.  Not only is winter quickly nearing, but there aren’t really any orchards near by.  I think when I made this goal, I figured I would be home some fall and go with friends or family. But alas, I have not, so I’m on to plan B.

A couple weeks ago, I went to the farmers market. Here, I decided I would choose some fresh apples to count as my apple picking, and I would bake with them. So I present to you #55: Go Apple Picking and Bake.

First, the apples selection.  I bought a mixture of granny smith, golden delicious, and macintosh — the key combination to a delicious baked apple pie, in my opinion.

Then, I baked. I had so many apples and made so much pie dough that not only did I make a pie, but I also made a few little makeshift galettes. I think I could work to make some really nice looking galettes in the future…these were more of a quick whip together sort of version.

All in all, I love all of these things — the farmers market, apples, baking — so it was a nice little weekend venture.

And another one off the list!

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