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Picturing People

Something I have very little experience with is photographing people.  For some reason, it has always intimidated me — probably because my inner control freak can’t exactly be in control of my subject if it’s a living being.  So as Lu and I ventured at the Farmers Market and around downtown Nashville, I started practicing with her as my subject.  Let me just say she makes a GREAT subject — willing and able to do anything!

So something I learned was that it helps to find a great backdrop, like a random grate on a slanted sidewalk, or the coolest wall in town with a big iron gate.

Is this not the coolest wall you have ever seen? I’m sure I’ll use it again in the future…

Another interesting additive I’m noticing: angles and reflections.  Even a random prop, like this orange cone we stole from up the street, can really add a fun pop to a people-picture.

They say to avoid symmetry in your photo compositions, unless it’s for a specific purpose.  Sometimes that purpose is use of reflection, like this. Editing it into B&W helps too 🙂

All this to say I will continue practicing my people pictures!! If you ever want me to practice with you, just ring me, and away we’ll go.

2 thoughts on “Picturing People”

  1. Don’t know if you’ve messed around with it– your reflections do add to the pictures– but in situations where you DON’T want reflections, use a polarizing lens filter! I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic it uses but glass and water instantly stop reflecting stuff. crazy


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