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#79 Go On An Adventure {Urban Dare Nashville}

Well, #79 is complete: Go on an adventure outside of comfort zone.  I am not, by nature, the most adventurous person.  Yet I have made efforts in 2010 to branch out a little bit.  So when the groupon for Urban Dare popped up, I said yes.  And just like that, Katy and I became a team.

Rules. Have you ever watched the Amazing Race? Here’s the gist of it. Teams of two are given clues and challenges, and must complete them all to win the race.  Urban Dare has scaled this idea down and brought it to a city near you.  For us, that’s Nashville.  At noon, we were given our list of clues and challenges, and sent on our way, each team with a “passport” to have stamped at each dare.  I’ve listed our clues and the answers below.

Route. The clues are given in a random order, so you must strategically plan the best route to follow.  You may run, walk, or take the bus…but in case you didn’t know, buses are sparse on Sundays, so we walked and ran the whole way. I have to say that Katy and I had a pretty good route.  We mapped it when we got home, and discovered that it was exactly 5 miles total.  We spent about 10 minutes on the front end figuring out each clue and planning our route.  Also, I must admit that knowing the Vanderbilt campus as well as we do helped, because two clues were on campus. Check out the map below to see the way we went.

Success. The website claimed that most people would finish in under four hours.  Katy and I finished in 1:37 — just 2 minutes behind our friends Christen and Will!  As it would happen, the winning time was 1:21, and we came in 7th place out of at least 200 teams. In the end, we were in 10th place due to some people getting the “10 minute bonus” clue that we skipped.  Still, we were QUITE proud of this.

Although we paid half price thanks to our groupon, I’m pretty sure we would do it again for the full price next year-especially now that we know what we’re doing!!

Clues (we have photos for most of these, but I’m just going to give you a few).

1. PHOTO HUNT: Take a picture of someone not in the race doing a cartwheel.  AND a picture of four people not in the race posed as if they were shooting a bow and arrow.

2. Nashville’s newest frozen yogurt store officially opened for business on Friday. Get your picture in front of it. {Pinkberry – Stop 4}

3. Get your picture with the sculpture Three Red Lines {Frist – Stop 8}

4. Get your picture with Owl’s Lookout {Peabody Library – Stop 2}

5. Go to Roy Orbison’s star on the Music City Walk of Fame for your wheelbarrow dare. {Near the CMHoF – Stop 10 – and yes, we did the wheelbarrow}

6. I gave my best to make a better world is the inscription on a local memorial.  Go there for your scrabble stick dare.  Using the numbers on the scrabble sticks, add up the value of the word on your passport. {Centennial Park – Stop 5}

7. Steve McQueen starred as Captain Virgil Hilts in this movie. Get your picture in front of the establishment with this name. {The Great Escape Record Store – Stop 1}

8. He is most famous for painting the Sistine Chapel. Get your picture in front of his restaurant. {Michaelangelo’s – Stop 6}

9. Get your picture with this downtown mural.  You’ll find it near all the live music joints. {Nashville Mural – Stop 9}

10. Find the Urban Dare official by the building with the quote “The brain is wider than the sky,” for your bubble dare. {Buttrick Hall, Vanderbilt – Stop 3}

11. According to Joe HIll’s song The Preacher and The Slave, you will get this when you die.  Get your picture with the establishment that goes by this name. {Pie in the Sky – Stop 7}

Finish – Go to Dan McGuinness for the finish. Please have your passport out to get your time stamped.

Route Map – well, the route we took anyway.

IT WAS SUCH A SUCCESS and i cannot WAIT for next year!!!!!

2 thoughts on “#79 Go On An Adventure {Urban Dare Nashville}”

  1. Holy Cow! That sounds awesome and congratulations!

    I feel like a big ninny because I don’t know that I would have gotten very many of those clues at all!

    Also, Where is The Great Escape moving too? 😉 (I wouldn’t have known if not for your photo!)


  2. I think it’s moving to Charlotte? And don’t worry…we were allowed to use smart phones 🙂 Though we were pretty quick to connect the dots, if I do say so myself!


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