101 in 1001, Daily Notes

#96: Haunted House

I’ve accomplished another item off the list: Go to a haunted house {#96}.  When I was young, I loved scary movies, haunted houses, anything.  But for whatever reason, I’ve grown out of it a bit.  Though I love watching Criminal Minds as much as the next girl, truly scary movies and haunted houses give me the skeevies.  But I vowed to suck it up, so I did.  And I went with many equally nervous friends.

So here we are, ready to enter “Monster Mountain.”

Now obviously, we didn’t take pictures during the adventure.  But let me assure you, it was thoroughly terrifying.  Mostly, it was a path through the woods that took us in and out of creepy little buildings and pathways.  Just take my word for it — it was plenty scary.

But we survived!  And another item gets crossed off.

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