101 in 1001, Life As I Know It

#40: I Am Blessed

I spent September reminding myself how lucky I am, and how beautiful each day is when you really pay attention to the little stuff.  September 1st was a sleepy morning, and I breathed a deep sigh as I turned the shower on.  I suddenly felt so thankful for the hot water that would surely wake me up for at least a few moments…and I knew it was the month to complete #40 – write something I am grateful for each day for a  month.

1. hot showers
2. cool, dark, quiet mornings for running
3. the Sottolano family
4. brunch
5. the Peabody library
6. weeping willow trees
7. all of my parents
8. lunch hour naps
9. community supported agriculture
10. kitchen aid mixers
11. thunderstorms
12. the Pack
13. wine
14. smoke-free bars
15. neuroscience
16. recognition (just now and then)
17. unexpected mentors
18. southern hospitality
19. power tools
20. sunshine
21. emotions across the entire spectrum
22. classmates who become friends…and who also love glee and wine and sushi
23. cars — how often I take them for granted!
24. oprah
25. smalltown nashville
26. celebrating friends
27. loyalty
28. constant reminders of how short life can really be
29. Vanderbilt
30. autumn

I often found my first thought to be “wine” or “sunshine,” which means a) I’m probably a wino, b) sunshine is a life necessity, and c) I need to be more creative.

Seriously though, it’s humbling to think of all the blessings in my life.  I could have listed a ton each day, and still had more to write at the end of the month.  Friends, family, career, talents, social opportunities…it is completely endless.

Have you taken a moment to be awed by beauty and humbled by blessings lately?

2 thoughts on “#40: I Am Blessed”

  1. You need something for the 31st! Suggestions include me, cheese, Matt Damon, and Neptune (the god, not the planet), though you’re not necessarily limited to those.


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