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On The Horizon

When something ends — a relationship, a show, a phase in your life — it can be so easy to get sucked into being just a little sad.  Whether the “end” is good or bad, change is always a bit of a challenge. At least, it is for me. So what helps?  Looking ahead to what is next.

So, what’s on the horizon for you?  What keeps your chin up?

{on Lake Michigan, near my house in WI}

For me:

I’m about to spend 48 hours with coolest dude I know…my PAPA! Which, probably means lots of good food, beer, and poker.  Perhaps even a rematch between my dad and *this guy*

{David, winning it ALL!}

It’s football season!  Tailgates have commenced, and more to come.

{Homecoming tailgate, 2009}

My sorority big sis (MUSTO!) is coming to see me for homecoming weekend, along with a bajillion other people I love.  Ah, the memories…

{Me and Musto…no words for this, really}

My Nashville community theater Friends (well, family), who are ever so talented, are appearing in a number of shows that I will have the privilege to see in the coming months.

{y’all know who you are!! }

I have no major expenses coming up (*knock on wood*) so I can probably start doing Pure Barre again, and maybe even by some shoes that I oh-so-desperately need.

{only I probably don’t look this good doing it…photo from Pure Barre}

So, those are the big, fun things coming up. Not to mention a million little things that make each day special and fun.  What’s on your horizon?

{on Lake Michigan, near my house in WI}

3 thoughts on “On The Horizon”

  1. Learning a new job can be frustrating but a quick look at your happy blog brightens even the longest day! Hope to see you soon around the Music City! 🙂



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