Life As I Know It

Two-Year Blogiversary {Link Love}

Two years have flown by since my first (and lamest) blog entry! But I have LOVED having not only an outlet for my thoughts and projects, but also a way to track the time.  Has anyone else noticed that after graduating college, time begins to fly at an exponential rate? I swear…I mean, it’s August 2010. When did THAT happen?

In part, I see my blog as a tool to look over the last two years.  So much has happened in my life, and it excites me to think of the changes that will come with the next two years, and the two after that, and … well, you know.

So today, a bit of a stroll down memory lane, in no particular order, with a little link love for you all.

In the last two years…

I’ve uncovered some old poems.

I’ve made a lot of food.

Crafty projects have been attempted.

I’ve started a 101 in 1001 list (which will end before you know it!)

I’ve learned a little about photography.

Relationships have ended and begun.  And ended.

Friends have gotten engaged and married.

I’ve moved.

I’ve traveled home for Christmases and 4ths, to New York for the first time, and to Guatemala for epic adventures.

I’ve brewery-toured.

Some pretty amazing parties have been hosted by my roomies and me.

I’ve been in a show or two or three…and currently four.

I’ve started grad school.

I’ve been promoted.

Nashville has seen a snow storm and a flood.

I’ve celebrated my mom and dad and miss them terribly.

I’ve grown up just a little bit more.

Thanks to all of you beautiful people who have been around for any part of not only the last two years, but the twenty-three that came before them.  I love the amazing people who make my life what it is. Where would I be without you?

And to all of you readers, who have hopped on board over the last two years — you are amazing!  I love getting your emails and comments.  Keep ’em coming!

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