101 in 1001

Love 101

This week alone, I’ve had two people give me a shout out (public or private) as they start their own 101 in 1001 list.  My experience with the list so far, and thinking about the fun stuff I have yet to complete, has brought me so much joy and inspiration.  I really hope that Whitney and Jennifer find as much fun in theirs!  Both of their lists look great, and I thought I might mention a few of my favorites from each (that I secretly wish I had thought of)… Good luck girls!

At Whit’s End: 101 List

# 3: Make my own cookie recipe

#14: Drink only water for two weeks

# 36: Read a single author’s entire collection of work

# 69: Spend a day on a boat with friends (Whit, let’s make this happen please)

# 97: Kidnap a friend for the day (me! me! pick me!!)

Jennuine: 101 List

#7: Eat at home for 30 days

#39: Spend a weekend in a Bed & Breakfast

#54: Audition for Nashville Symphony Chorus (this sounds fun!!)

#70: Go to the movies by myself

#97: Leave a 100% tip for excellent service

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