Life As I Know It

An After Thought

After wrapping up our little story, I realized something: I just spent three weeks telling a story that really only happened in a two-week time frame.  Further, some of my posts covered only a one to two-hour time span, while others covered a whole day, and yet others covered several days. 

This reminds me that time has many different values associated with it — one moment can be as heavy or light as one week, depending on what happens in it.  The Guatemalican Chronicles are not really all that different from my normal life.  Days pass without me really noticing anything new or special, but then something can happen to snap my attention back.

It just makes me wonder…am I capable of noticing the special and the beautiful in my every day life?  Maybe it’s time to start trying.

1 thought on “An After Thought”

  1. I had this video on my Facebook page. Not sure if you saw it, but I think it fits very well with your after thought.


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