Life As I Know It

Part 13: Let’s Go

Just a note that at this point, my camera battery was totally dead, so I wasn’t able to document the end of the trip.

On Tuesday we made a big and stressful decision—we changed our flights to Friday out of San Salvador.  We spent much of the afternoon trying to figure out which travel agents we could trust in town to get us on a bus to San Salvador on Thursday, and help us to find somewhere to stay once we got there.  We finally booked a bus through the travel agent friend we had met during The Great ATM Debacle.  They would pick us up at our hotel on Thursday morning, take us into Guatemala City where we would get on a Tica Bus to San Salvador.  We were all relieved to have a plan.

Thursday arrived, and as planned we were picked up and brought to the bus station.  Our bus was supposed to leave at 1:00, but we didn’t pull away until 2:00.  We ate PB&J on the bus, while some read (I cannot do this without getting miserable carsick) and others, like myself, watched two Denzel Washington movies that they played.  Customs took about an hour, and was a bit stressful.  We had no idea what we were doing.  At one point, a man got off the bus and he never came back for the rest of the ride, so who knows what kind of trouble he got himself into.

We finally rolled into town around 8 p.m., with no idea where we would be staying.  The cab drivers had never heard of the hostel we were planning to find, and it was already dark, so we stayed at the very cheap hotel next to the bus station.  For dinner we walked down the street to a Pizza Hut…which has NEVER tasted better.

Leaving the hotel at 9 a.m., we got to the airport about 3 ½ hours before our flight.  I know it sounds crazy, but I think we all just wanted to be sitting at a gate with a boarding pass.  And before you know it, we were doing just that.  It felt incredible.  We had made it.  Once we landed in Miami, we went to dinner—for me this meant the biggest salad EVER – we couldn’t eat veggies for most of the trip, so this was an amazing meal.  After many delays for our flight to Atlanta, we finally made it to Katy’s house at 3 a.m.

We did it.  We were home, just one week too late.

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